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“Turning over to new paradigm starts from here”
We will always become the best business partner next to foreign investment enterprises. .


Global companies and natizens!!
Welcome to Gyeonggi association of Froeign-invested companies(GAFIC) homepage. We convey a message of congratualations to the core of who invest in Gyeonggi, the center of the Republic of Korea leading global economy.
GAFIC is the best business partner to create synergies, connecting to companies and businesses, and to connect businesses and government for 3,000 foregin-invested companies in Gyeonggi.

We hope that this opening community site woll be a source of good information to respond to changes in the industrial economy. GAFIC will do its best to develop with companies and nationals of the Republic of Korea

Gyeonggi Associatiion of Foreign-invested Companies Chairman 

Lee, Byung Rak



Foreign-invested companies businessman who invest in Gyeonggi, the Republic of Korea.

Gyeonggi Province Support Center has been established for your successful business.

GSFIC will do its best to do your business, Gyeonggi sincerely hopes that your business will succeed.

Gyeonggi Province Support Center for Foreign-invested Companies Head of the center 

Jake Kim